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1. Which of the following statements are true for built-in roles in the WebLogic Server Administration
console? Choose two.
A. Users who belong to the Operator role can deploy the applications.
B. Users who belong to the Monitor role can view the server configuration, except for the encrypted
C. Users who belong to the Admin role cannot deploy applications.
D. Only users who belong to the Admin role can start, stop, and resume the server.
E. Users who belong to the Admin role can modify the entire server configuration.
Answer: BE

2. Scenario : Consider an upgrade requirement from pre-WebLogic Server 10.x to the WebLogic Server
10.x. Since the administration scripts in the prior version used WebLogic Ant tasks for creation and
deployment, the team decides to use the Ant build.xml approach and extend this to the current version of
the server.
Which of the following about the Ant task wlserver is INCORRECT?
A. wlserver can be used to start, reboot or shut down server instances.
B. wlserver can be used to connect to existing server instances.
C. wlserver can be used to create a multiple server domain configuration.
D. wlserver can be used to create a single server domain and to connect to the server.
Answer: C