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Oracle Database: Program with PL/SQL
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Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL

Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL 1Z0-144
Exam Number/Code : 1Z0-144
Exam Name : Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL
Questions and Answers : 252Q&As
Update Time : 2012-2-10
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22.All of the following statements are true about an explicit cursor except for which one? 
A. An explicit cursor can be declared in any declaration section of a PL/SQL block. 
B. A cursor name is not a PL/SQL variable. 
C. The name of an explicit cursor can be up to 30 characters in length. 
D. Values can be assigned to a cursor. 
Answer: D  

23.Which of the following errors is raised when placeholders are put inside the overriding signature of 
an INSERT statement? 
A. ORA-01006 
B. ORA-06502 
C. ORA-00928 
D. PLS-00049 
Answer: C

25.All of the following statements about the RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR procedure are true except
for which one? 
A. RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR is used to create a unique id for a user-defined exception. 
B. RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR raises an exception and handles it. 
C. RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR is a built-in procedure in oracle which is used to display the 
userdefined error messages along with the error number. 
D. Whenever a message is displayed using RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR, all previous 
transactions which are not committed within the PL/SQL block are rolled back automatically. 
Answer: B

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