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Oracle Application Development Framework 11g Essentials Exam 1Z0-554
Use ADF Business Components for Validation, Calculations and List of Values
Build Cascading List of Values.
Enhance the Application with Calculations and Validation.
Create Validation for Foreign Keys.
Employ Groovy Expressions in Validations.
Exposing Data to Clients
Explain the role of application modules.
Describe the characteristics of application modules.
Use the Create Application Module wizard to define the data model for an application module.
Explain how application modules can manage business components transactions.
Explain how application modules can manage application stateE.
Explain the role of the ADF Model.

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Question: 9 
Identify two advantages that ADF Model offers the developer.
A. It insulates the developer from needing to know about the specifics of the underlying business
services implementation.
B. It enables the developer to abstract application navigation from the physical pages. 
C. It saves time In that it allows the developer to quickly build business services from database
D. It enables the developer to bind UI components directly to tables and columns in the database. 
E. It provides the developer with a generalized approach to binding services and UI components. 
Answer: A, E

Question: 10
You have an ADF Faces page which includes input components for A, B and C. On updating either A
or B, you want C to be refreshed automatically. How could you achieve this? 
A. Set the PartialTriggers property on A and B to reference
B. Set the PartialTriggers property on C to reference A and B
C. Set the Autosubmit property on A and B to true
D. Set the Autosubmit property on A and B to true, and the PartialTriggers property on C to
reference A and B
E. Set the Autosubmit property on A and B to true and the PartialTriggers property on C to reference C
F. Set the Autosubmit property to true on A, B and C
Answer: D

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