640-692 exam questions

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640-692 RSTECH
Exam Number: 640-692 RSTECH  
Associated Certifications: CCT Routing & Switching
Duration: 90 minutes (60-70 questions)
Available Languages: English
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Exam Policies: Read current policies and requirements
Recommended Training: Supporting Cisco Routing & Switching Network Devices v1.0
640-692 RSTECH Exam Topics
Describe Cisco IOS Software Operation
Describe the different operating modes for Cisco CatOS / IOS Software
Navigate between the different operating modes listed
Determine the current mode of the device
Copy and paste a configuration file from / to a router or switch
Know how to use and interpret the basic Cisco IOS Software commands
Describe where to find the configuration register parameter and how to change it
Identify a configuration file from a Cisco device
Perform software upgrade or downgrade using TFTP, xmodem, tftpdnld, flash memory, memory card reader, or USB
Perform password recovery on a Cisco device

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7.Which two of the following statements are true about a switch? (Choose two)
A. It is a repeater.
B. It is a data link layer device.
C. It will forward the frame out all ports when it receives a broadcast from a host.
D. It reads the destination MAC address to forward traffic out the appropriate port.
E. It acts as an amplifier.
Answer: B,D

8.Which of the following best describes the cable that is used to connect a laptop to an Ethernet port on a
Cisco router?
A. Crossover
B. Straight-through
C. Fiber
D. Rollover
Answer: A

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