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Microsoft Programming in C# 70-483
Exam Number/Code : 70-483
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1.You use the Task.Run() method to launch a long-running data processing operation. The data
processing operation often fails in times of heavy network congestion. If the data processing operation
fails, a second operation must clean up any results of the first operation. You need to ensure that the
second operation is invoked only if the data processing operation throws an unhandled exception. What
should you do?
A. Create a task by calling the Task.ContinueWith() method.
B. Use the TaskScheduler class to create a task and call the TryExecuteTask() method on the class.
C. Create a TaskFactory object and call the ContinueWhenAll() method of the object.
D. Create a task within the operation, and set the Task.StartOnError property to true.

2.You are debugging an application that calculates loan interest. The application includes the following
code. (Line numbers are included for reference only.) 01 private static decimal CalculateInterest(decimal
loanAmount, int loanTerm, decimal loanRate)02 {03
decimal interestAmount = loanAmount * loanRate * loanTerm;05
return interestAmount;07 } You have the following requirements:
The debugger must break execution within the CalculateInterest() method when the loanAmount variable
is less than or equal to zero.
The release version of the code must not be impacted by any changes. You need to meet the
requirements. What should you do?
A. Insert the following code segment at line 05: Trace.Write(loanAmount > 0);
B. Insert the following code segment at line 03: Trace.Assert(loanAmount > 0);[Page]
C. Insert the following code segment at line 05: Debug.Write(loanAmount > 0);
D. Insert the following code segment at line 03: Debug.Assert(loanAmount > 0);