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IBM DB2 10.1 Fundamentals 000-610
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7. Which action needs to be performed in order to complete the definition of an application -period temporal table? 
A. A transaction-start -id column must be defined for the table. 
B. A history table must be defined and associated with the base table.
C. A BUSINESS_TIME period must be specified in a CREATE or ALTER of the table.
D. A unique index must be created that prevents overlapping of the BUSINESS_TIME period of the table. 
Answer: C      
8.What functionality allows users to perform a UNION operation between a DB2 table and an Oracle view? 
A. Oracle connect
B. Trusted context
C. Oracle federation
D. Distributed request 
Answer: D  

This Test4actual 000-610 exam course provides an introduction to the SQL language and applies to the entire DB2 Family, and Informix. This course is appropriate for customers working in all DB2 environments, that is, z/OS, VM/VSE, iSeries, Linux, UNIX, and Windows. It is also appropriate for customers working in an Informix environment. This is a basic course anyone needing to write, support, or understand SQL queries. This Test4actual 000-610 exam course includes but is not limited to end-users, programmers, application designers, database administrators, and system administrators who do not yet have knowledge of the SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML).  

Test 000-610 DB2 10.1 Fundamentals
Section 3 - Working with Databases and Database Objects (20%)
a.Ability to create and connect to DB2 servers and databases (requirements to give ability to connect)
b.Ability to identify DB2 objects
c.Knowledge of basic characteristics and properties of DB2 objects
d.Given a DDL SQL statement, knowledge to identify results (ability to create objects)
e.Knowledge of Temporal (Time Travel) Tables - System-period, Application-period, and Bi-temporal - ability to create (Greater precision time stamps)

Section 4 - Working with DB2 Data using SQL (20%)
a.Ability to use SQL to SELECT data from tables
b.Ability to use SQL to SORT or GROUP data
c.Ability to use SQL to UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT data
d.Knowledge of transactions (i.e., commit/rollback and transaction boundaries)
e.Ability to create and call an SQL supported procedure or a user defined function (understanding of passing parameters and results)
f.Given an XQuery statement, knowledge to identify results
g.Knowledge of Temporal (Time Travel) Tables - System-period, Application-period, and Bi-temporal - ability to query

This Database Associate certification 000-610 db2 exam  is an entry level exam for a user of any of the DB2 family of products. This individual is knowledgeable about the fundamental concepts of DB2 10.1 through either hands on experience or formal and informal education. The database associate should have an in-depth knowledge of the basic to intermediate tasks required in day-to-day administration, basic SQL (Structured Query Language), understand which additional products are available with DB2 10.1, understand how to create databases and database objects, and have a basic knowledge of database security and transaction isolation.

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