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Improved Technology Education
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This exam will test your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks. Expressed as a percentage of the main inspection points to the relative share of the examination. The higher the percentage, you may encounter in exam of the inspection points are, the more relevant topics.

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1.You develop a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 server database that supports an application.
The application contains a table that has the following definition:
CREATE TABLE Inventory (
ItemsInStore int NOT NULL,
ItemsInWarehouse int NOT NULL)
You need to create a computed column that returns the sum total of the ItemsInStore and ItemsInWarehouse values for each row. The new column is expected to be queried heavily, and you need to be able to index the column.
Which Transact-SQL statement should you use?
A. ALTER TABLE Inventory ADD TotalItems AS ItemslnStore + ItemsInWarehouse
B. ALTER TABLE Inventory ADD TotalItems AS ItemsInStore + ItemsInWarehouse PERSISTED
C. ALTER TABLE Inventory ADD TotalItems AS SUM(ItemsInStore, ItemsInWarehouse) PERSISTED
D. ALTER TABLE Inventory ADD TotalItems AS SUM(ItemsInStore, ItemsInWarehouse)
Answer: B

2.You develop a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database.
You create a view that performs the following tasks:
– Joins 8 tables that contain up to 500,000 records each.
– Performs aggregations on 5 fields.
The view is frequently used in several reports. You need to improve the performance of the reports.
What should you do?
A. Convert the view into a table-valued function.
B. Convert the view into a Common Table Expression (CTE).
C. Convert the view into an indexed view.
D. Convert the view into a stored procedure and retrieve the result from the stored procedure into a temporary table.
Answer: C

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