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Microsoft Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 70-461
Exam Number/Code : 70-461
Exam Name : Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
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You develop a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database. The database is used by two web applications that access a table named Products.
You want to create an object that will prevent the applications from accessing the table directly while still providing access to the required data.
You need to ensure that the following requirements are met:
Future modifications to the table definition will not affect the applications' ability to access data.
The new object can accommodate data retrieval and data modification.
You need to achieve this goal by using the minimum amount of changes to the existing applications.
What should you create for each application?
A. views
B. table partitions
C. table-valued functions
D. stored procedures
Answer: A

You are a database developer at an independent software vendor.
You create stored procedures that contain proprietary code.
You need to protect the code from being viewed by your customers.
Which stored procedure option should you use?
Answer: A

Exam 70-461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Troubleshoot & Optimize (25%)
•Optimize queries.
◦May include but not limited to: understand statistics; read query plans; plan guides; DMVs; hints; statistics IO; dynamic vs. parameterized queries; describe the different join types (HASH, MERGE, LOOP) and describe the scenarios they would be used
•Manage transactions.
◦May include but not limited to: mark a transaction; understand begin tran, commit, and rollback; implicit vs explicit transactions; isolation levels; scope and type of locks; trancount
•Evaluate the use of row-based operations vs. set-based operations.  
◦May include but not limited to: when to use cursors; impact of scalar UDFs; combine multiple DML operations
•Implement error handling.
◦May include but not limited to: implement try/catch/throw; use set based rather than row based logic; transaction management
Exam 70-461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Create Database Objects (24%)
•Create and alter tables using T-SQL syntax (simple statements).
◦May include but not limited to: create tables without using the built in tools; ALTER; DROP; ALTER COLUMN; CREATE
•Create and alter views (simple statements).
◦May include but not limited to: create indexed views; create views without using the built in tools; CREATE, ALTER, DROP
•Design views.
◦May include but not limited to: ensure code non regression by keeping consistent signature for procedure, views and function (interfaces); security implications
•Create and modify constraints (simple statements).
◦May include but not limited to: create constraints on tables; define constraints; unique constraints; default constraints; primary and foreign key constraints
•Create and alter DML triggers.
◦May include but not limited to: inserted and deleted tables; nested triggers; types of triggers; update functions; handle multiple rows in a session; performance implications of triggers

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