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1.An application will upload data by using HTML form-based encoding. The application uses a method
named SendMessage. The SendMessage() method includes the following code. (Line numbers are
included for reference only.) 01 public Task<byte[]> SendMessage(string url, int intA, int intB)02 {03
var client = new WebClient();04 05 } The receiving URL accepts parameters as form-encoded values. You
need to send the values intA and intB as form-encoded values named a and b, respectively. Which code
segment should you insert at line 04?
A. var data = string.Format(“a={0}&b={1}”, intA, intB);return client.UploadStringTaskAsync(new Uri(url),
B. var data = string.Format(“a={0}&b={1}”, intA, intB);return client.UploadFileTaskAsync(new Uri(url),
C. var data = string.Format(“a={0}&b={1}”, intA, intB);return client.UploadDataTaskAsync(new Uri(url),
D. var nvc = new NameValueCollection() { { “a”, intA.ToString() }, { “b”, intB.ToString() } };return
client.UploadValuesTaskAsync(new Uri(url), nvc);

2.You use the Task.Run() method to launch a long-running data processing operation. The data
processing operation often fails in times of heavy network congestion. If the data processing operation
fails, a second operation must clean up any results of the first operation. You need to ensure that the
second operation is invoked only if the data processing operation throws an unhandled exception. What
should you do?
A. Create a task by calling the Task.ContinueWith() method.
B. Use the TaskScheduler class to create a task and call the TryExecuteTask() method on the class.
C. Create a TaskFactory object and call the ContinueWhenAll() method of the object.
D. Create a task within the operation, and set the Task.StartOnError property to true.