Microsoft 70-503 questions and answers

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1. You create a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service by using Microsoft .NET
Framework 3.5.
You write the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)
01 Public Interface IMyService
03 Function ProcessString(ByVal name As String) As String
04 End Interface
You create a host for the WCF service. You also create a service endpoint at http: //localhost:8080/service.
You add an instance of the HttpTransferEndPointBehavior class to the host.
You need to ensure that the ProcessString method can be invoked from a Web browser by using the URL
http: //localhost:8080/service/process?name=value
Which code segment should you insert at line 02?
A. <OperationContract(Name:=”process”, Action:=”Get”)> _
B. <OperationContract(Name:=”process”, Action:=”Post”)> _
C. <OperationContract()> _
<HttpTransferContract(Path:=”process”, Method:=”Get”)> _
D. <OperationContract()> _
<HttpTransferContract(Path:=”process”, Method:=”Post”)> _

2. You are creating a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service by using Microsoft .NET
Framework 3.5.
You configure a binding to enable streaming.
You need to ensure that the client application is able to stream large XML files to the WCF service.
Which operation contract should you create?
A. [OperationContract]
void UploadFile(Stream xmlData);
B. [OperationContract]
void UploadFile(XmlWriter xmlData);
C. [OperationContract]
void UploadFile(StreamWriter xmlData);
D. [OperationContract]
void UploadFile(byte[] xmlData);