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The certification of 1Z0-047 has been provided by Oracle which has gained wonderful fascination of a lot of applicants all over the world because of its simplified knowledge and most latest expertise. This certification exam of 1Z0-047 is especially developed for those candidates who’re thinking about getting a decent place in an established IT company. Through the help of this rewarding certification, the individuals from all around the globe will surely obtain the most desired competencies and knowledge of their particular area.

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EMPDET is an external table containing the columns EMPNO and ENAME. Which command would
work in relation to the EMPDET table?
A.UPDATE empdet SET ename = 'Amit' WHERE empno = 1234;
B.DELETE FROM empdet WHERE ename LIKE 'J%';
D.CREATE INDEX empdet_idx ON empdet(empno);

In which scenario would you use the ROLLUP operator for expression or columns within a GROUP BY
clause? find the groups forming the subtotal in a row create group-wise grand totals for the groups specified within a GROUP BY clause create a grouping for expressions or columns specified within a GROUP BY clause in one direction,
from right to left for calculating the subtotals create a grouping for expressions or columns specified within a GROUP BY clause in all possible
directions, which is cross-tabular report for calculating the subtotals

Oracle Certification 1Z0-047 Exam Topics
Managing Objects with Data Dictionary Views
Use the data dictionary views to research data on your objects
Query various data dictionary views

Controlling User Access
Differentiate system privileges from object privileges
Grant privileges on tables
View privileges in the data dictionary
Grant roles
Distinguish between privileges and roles

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The Oracle 1Z0-047 exam is designed to measure the intelligence and expertise of professional’s in Retrieving Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement; Restricting and Sorting Data; Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output; Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions; Displaying Data from Multiple Tables; Using Subqueries to Solve Queries; Using the Set Operators; Manipulating Data; Using DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables.

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