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Oracle Database SQL Expert 1z0-047
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1.You need to load information about new customers from the NEW_CUST table into the tables
CUST  and  CUST_SPECIAL.  If  a new customer has a credit  limit  greater  than  10,000,  then  the
details have to be inserted into CUST_SPECIAL. All new customer details have to be inserted into
the CUST table. Which technique should be used to load the data most efficiently?
A.external table
B.the MERGE command
C.the multitable INSERT command

2.Evaluate the CREATE  TABLE statement: CREATE  TABLE products (product_id  NUMBER(6)
CONSTRAINT prod_id_pk PRIMARY KEY, product_name VARCHAR2(15)); Which statement is true
regarding the PROD_ID_PK constraint?
A.It would be created only if a unique index is manually created first.
B.It would be created and would use an automatically created unique index.
C.It would be created and would use an automatically created nonunique index.
D.It would be created and remains in a disabled state because no index is specified in the command.