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Question: 1
Payroll has completed, but the payroll process is in incomplete status. The pre -payment process is
run. ?
A. The pre-payment process will not process any employee.
B. Prepayments are processed only for those employees whose payroll process status Is Incomplete.
C. Pre-payments are processed only for those employees whose payroll process status Is Complete.
D. Prepayments are processed for all the employees for whom payroll was run.
E. Pre- payments will be processed for all the employees with default payment method.
Answer: C

Question: 2
HR department of the XYZ company has two types of users: HR Administrator and Head of
Department (HoD), using the HR Executive and HR Manager responsibilities, respectively. The HoD
wants to ensure that the HR Administrator has read-only access to the Grade Description form
(Navigation: Work Structures > Grade > Description). Assuming that the Grade Description form and
Taskflow associated with both the responsibilities are different, how can this be done?
A. Add the parameter QUERY_ONLY=YES to the Grade Description form associated with the HR
Executive responsibility.
B. Create a new form using Custom form (Navigation: Security > Customform) under the HR
Executive responsibility with the specific restrictions.
C. Use HR Security profile to make the Grad e Description form as read -only.
D. HR Forms cannot be made read -only.
E. Exclude the Grade Description function in the HR Executive responsibility.
Answer: C

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