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Oracle Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration 1Z0-821
Exam Number/Code : 1Z0-821
Exam Name : Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration
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Update Time : 2013-7-30
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1.You created an IP address for interface net3 with the following command, which executed successfully:
ipadm create-addr T static a net3/v4
You then ran: ipadm showif
The result indicated that the interface was down.
You then ran: ipadm delete-addr net3/v4 ipadm create-addr T static a net3/v4 ipadm
The last command indicated that the interface was up. Why did it work with the second address specified,
but not the first?
A. The address is reserved for broadcast messages.
B. Another device exists on the network, using the address.
C. The network interface card does not support the address
D. The address is at a boundary and may not be configured in Oracle Solaris 11.
E. is a DHCP address and may not be statically configured in Oracle Solaris 11.
Answer: B

2.You have a ticket from a new user on the system, indicating that he cannot log in to his account. The
information in the ticket gives you both the username and password. The ticket also shows that the
account was set up three days ago.
As root, you switch users to this account with the following command:
su -newuser
You do not get an error message.
You then run 1s -1a and see the following files:
local1.cshrc local1.login local1.profile .bash_history .bashrc .profile
As root, you grep the /etc/passwd file and the /etc/shadow file for this username, with these results:
/etc/passwd contains newuser:x:60012:10:/home/newuser:/usr/bin/bash
/etc/shadow contains newuser:UP: : : : :10: :
As root, what is your next logical step?
A. Usermod- f 0
B. passwd newuser
C. mkdir /home/newuser
D. useradd-D
Answer: D